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It takes an extraordinary person to run away to sea on a square rig ship and it is even more extraordinary to get a group of these people togther to undertake a unique voyage such as the Windeward Bound Circumnavigation of Australia.

Read on... and find out about the people who are making this voyage a success from day to day, night after night, from one watch to another.

Sarah Parry - Captain
For Sarah Parry, being Captain of the Windeward Bound is more than just a position. It is the realisation of a long held dream and ambition, inspired by the adventures of Matthew Flinders, to build her own tall ship and recreate Flinders’ circumnavigation voyage.
In the years leading up to this all-consuming ambition, Sarah has spent time as a member of the Royal Australian Navy diving team, seeing action in the Vietnam War and in Malaya and Borneo.
After leaving the Navy, Sarah worked as a joiner and builder, becoming involved in set design and construction in film, television, theatre and advertising, and went on to become a production designer and art director, writer, producer and director.
In 1984, Sarah’s long standing dream finally took the first step to becoming reality when plans for an 1848 Boston built Schooner were found in the archives of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. It took 12 years of planning and building for the final step to be completed, culminating in the launch of the Windeward Bound in Hobart, and another 6 years for the circumnavigation voyage to take place!
Sarah holds a Master Class 5 certificate, with square rig and sail endorsement, and is a qualified Marine Engineer Class 3.


Malcolm Hunt    (alternating First Mate)
As a teenager, Malcolm sailed and raced small dinghys in Tasmania and in 1987 sailed his own vessel, Stardust, on an extended cruise of the South Pacific, visiting Noumea, Vanuatu, the Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands and New Guinea.
In 1993, Malcolm joined the crew on the Lady Nelson as a volunteer, sailing out of Hobart and the East coast of Australia, and acquired commercial sea time in order to gain his Master V certificate with a square rig sailing endorsement. He then operated the Lady Nelson commercially for some years and in the 1998 Tall Ships Race from Sydney to Hobart, Malcolm skippered the Lady Nelson into 2nd place behind the Young Endeavour in their class, gaining 2 wonderful trophies for the Tasmanian ship.
Malcolm also skippers ferries in Hobart - the Cartela and the Southern Cross Wanderer - during the summer months and spends the rest of the year delivering vessels up and down the East Coast of Australia. In 2000, he gained his Open Master Class IV, allowing him to operate vessels up to 90m in sheltered waters and 35m 600 miles to sea.
Malcolm first left school at the age of 15 to become a jockey and after growing too much, did an apprenticeship as a plumber. He got sick of that “real quick” and decided to sell cars for a better living, eventually operating his own business in Hobart.

Malcolm joined the Windeward Bound as First Mate in Darwin, his third stint on the ship, for the leg to Broome. His past involvement includes voyages from Devonport to Sydney, Southport to Brisbane and return.


Gerry Fitzgerald - (alternating First Mate)
Gerry is a Master class 4 and MED 3 has sailed with Windeward Bound before. We welcome him back. Apart from being a well known publican, Gerry has just returned from sailing a 62' schooner from Hobart, across the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn. Gerry makes regular trips down to the Antarctic Circle, loving the adventure of wild water and the beauty of the remote south. His steady approach to challenges and his ability to leave no stone unturned when preparing for arduous voyages will be welcome on board.


Jason Glover - (alternating First Mate)
Jason has been going to sea since he was 12 as his family have a Tasmanian Rock Lobster fishing business, in which he is still passionately involved. 
His enormous ‘thirst for knowledge’ brought Jason to the University of Tasmania, where, from 1995 to 1999, he studied Philosophy, Geography, and Environmental Studies. Topics touched on during his course were marine and coastal fisheries, coastal ecosystems and planning. He did honours thesis on Environmental Management of Marine Farms in Tasmania.

And somehow, among all of this activity, Jason has managed to find time to indulge in his love of live theatre and performing.  He is currently pursuing his acting interests in Sydney.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he is consistently affable and even tempered - a wonderful trait at the best of times but on board a square rig ship, in confined circumstances, it is a real asset to ship and crew alike.

Dirk Lorenzen - 2nd Mate and Bosun
Dirk was born in Hamburg, Germany, but not before he was introduced to sailing by his mother when she was 7 months pregnant. Four years later he ventured out on the water on his own and his childhood was spent sailing his parents 18 ft gaff rigged ship called ‘Jemmy’. Dirk also sailed tall ships in Germany for a number of years but he was introduced to square rig ships when he moved to Australia in 1999.
He has joined the Windeward Bound as a Watchleader to see and experience more of Australia and accumulate sea time towards gaining his Master Class V certificate. He is mad about rigging… Dirk always seems to have some maintenance project on the go!
A personal highlight of the circumnavigation voyage occurred in Gladstone in March 2002 when Dirk received his Australian Residency.
In his previous, pre-tall ship existence, Dirk owned and ran the Orpheum Cinema in Germany, and worked as a projectionist at the Chauvel and Valhalla Cinema in Sydney.


George Micet (Red Watch Leader)
George is orginally from Guildford NSW and has been living in Perth since March last year. She moved to WA to explore more of our own back yard, to meet new people and just for something a bit different.  George has previously been working in the Financial Planning Industry after studying Mathematics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney however the "office job" hasn't been her thing. George was looking for a total change in work environment, where she could feel she was achieving something more significant then counting dollars.

As an ex-Young Endeavour Youth Crew member from March 1999, she volunteered for the Windeward Bound circumnavigation leg from Geraldton to Fremantle and following her recent resignation there was a perfect opportunity to stay on board.  She joined the Matthew Flinders circumnavigation voyage in Perth and is now on leave, studying for her Master IV Certificate at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania.

Stef Siemionow (White Watch Leader)
Stef was born in Darwin but grew up in Adelaide. She went on several family sailing trips around Spencer Gulf, the Gulf of St Vincent and the Whitsunday Islands before she was introduced to Tall Ships in January 2003, sailing from Port Adelaide to Melbourne aboard STV One & All. Having finished school, deferred uni and "caught the bug". Stef found out about Windeward Bound, and 2 days later had flown to Port Lincoln to meet up with her. Initially sailing to Adelaide over 10 days, she was made White Watch leader when she couldn’t bear to get off. Stef intends to pursue a career in the Maritime Industry. "The experience is like no other one could ever encounter. It’s something you just have to do for the love of it."

Scott Welk (Blue Watch Leader)
Scott was born in 1976 and comes from Adelaide in South Australia. He joined Windeward Bound as voyage crew for the Adelaide to Portland leg in May 2003 and then permanently in early July 2003. Scott has some experience in yachts and some sailing experience prior to joining Windeward Bound. He also has a general lover for the ocean, is an experienced Scuba diver and is interested in environmental issues affecting the world’s oceans. "The reason I joined Windeward Bound was to to something different with my life.Having worked for Holden for 10 years, I was looking for something new. I am also accumulating the seatime to go towards my Master class 5 certificate. Best of all is what you learn about yourself and others that you meet along our travels".

Daniel Cannel
Daniel is from Tasmania. He joined in August 2000 as a voyage crew member on a sail training voyage from Devonport to Sydney. He soon returned as a volunteers and worked with the ship for 4 months while in Sydney in 2000/2001. He had to return home, but recently rejoined in July 2003 while the ship was in Devonport on it’s Flinders Circumnavigation Voyage. He hs sailed with the ship since and says he has learnt many new skills. Daniel also says he is looking forward to many more good sailing days on board.


Trim the Cat
Trim was adopted from the NSW Animal Welfare League in West Hoxton in 2001 and is named after Matthew Flinders’ cat, who was Flinders’ companion on his voyages and fondly written about in his journals.
The modern day Trim closely resembles the original feline in both looks and personality, and just as the original Trim was an integral part of Flinders’ life and voyages, our modern day Trim is a popular crew member and integral part of this circumnavigation voyage of 2002-03.
Trim is being sponsored during the voyage by the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Sydney.
  According to Trim, the ship and crew require her constant vigilance and the voyage just wouldn’t be a success without her!

Jennie Kay - Ship's Mother
Jennie sails with the Windeward Bound when her busy life, as a pharmacist and mother in Hobart, allows. At times her 'bounciness' is somewhat subdued with 'mal der mer' although she does find being on board very soporific, even when she is not suffering. In between sleeps she loves chatting to absolutely everyone, dispenses TLC, endeavours to help Captain Sarah with the reams and reams of paper work, and writes lists on the whiteboard! Oh yes, Jennie also seems to have a camera permanently in her pocket... so look out (Indi especially)!
Officially, categorised as 'supernumerary', she feels it is always best if someone else goes aloft, takes the helm, or hauls on lines.
Whilst alongside, Jennie does her hardest work, coordinating whatever requires coordinating, supermarket and bank visits (compulsory stops), endeavouring to sell berths or merchandise to the unsuspecting public, and answering the Captain's phone.
Probably Jennie's role could be described as 'keeping things in perspective' and reminding everyone how important they all are to this fabulous project - whether permanent or voyager crew. Her greatest talent is being able to convince everyone adventure sailing is always ‘the experience of a lifetime’ and that they will never regret it.    As she pores over the computer screen on 'ship's business' at home, peering out the window at the snow on Mount Wellington, Jennie wishes she was "in the warmth of the north".


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